Mar 3, 2011

Bell Tower

I haven't done much on my miniatures lately, because I've been busy with a new toy. I borrowed some Hirst art molds from my friends :) For the past week, my room was littered with plaster blocks and the mess that comes when you cast plaster next to your laptop.. 

Well, yesterday, I finally managed to clean it up. The main reason being, I had enough blocks to finish the project I had been working on. After gluing it together, I was super relieved it all fit, as it's all to easy to get the angles wrong.. The painting is nothing fancy, some drybrush and the like. I am partially proud of the stained windows. Well, was, until I sprayed the whole thing in matt varnish. And for the first time, a can saying "Matt" really did produce super matt results. There went my nice windows.. 

But overall, I am happy with it. Time to take it to our club. And hope people are gentle with it and these pictures are not the only thing I am left with :)