Apr 17, 2011

Modular Gaming Board

Pff, it is done! These are my immediate feelings :)

This was one of the bigger things I have done. Taking a lot of space to work on, as well as time. Well, after 2 months, our hall can actually be walked through :)

This huge thing is a 6 piece modular gaming board, with semi fixed terrain. That means the forests and tower can be removed, but there is a rim denoting the place where they belong. Also, the other terrain pieces are glued to the board. Hopefully, it is still variable enough through the individual board positioning, so it will be interesting to play on. Speaking of which, I still have to carry this behemont to my gaming club U vycpaného pásovce.  I am having a test game on it on Monday, so will see how well it plays. Hopefully, it is not just nice, but also usable. We'll see.

Also, huge thanks to my girlfriend, who helped me immensely, during the whole process. And I am not talking about her being supportive, I mean her actually doing most of the trees, flocking.. well laying her hand on almost every part of the board in one way or another :)

In the future, I might write up a tutorial on doing modular boards, but with this one, I screwed too many things up, to really advise anyone on following my footsteps.

Apr 14, 2011

Prodej modelů

Fotky modelů, které prodávám. Po kliknuti se zvetsi. Na pozadani dodam fotky z jinych uhlu.

2x 11 Glade guardy, s muzikantem a movement trayem na 1x10 modelu.

7 Dryad a konvertena Branchwraith / Sampionka

6 Glade rideru (na fotce je jenom 5) + movement tray na 5 modelu

Wood elf lord s great weapnou

Treeman, 8 dryad a Drycha, nabarveni ve stejnem stylu

6 Wild rideru, muzika, sampik, vlajka

5 Dark rideru, muzika

Apr 3, 2011

Wizard's Tower and some walls

This month has been rather busy, because I am currently finishing my diploma thesis and the deadline is getting really close. But I managed to finish two minor terrain projects anyway.

The first is a Wizard's tower made of Hirstart blocks, which I casted some time ago, but had to repaint and flock. The original colour was sort of a brownish, which did not fit well with the rest of my terrain pieces, so I repainted it standard faded grey.

The other thing I finished is a couple quick and easy walls, to be used as obstacles for WFB. Just a bit of ruined fieldstone blocks glued to pieces of oval shaped HDF. Plus the obligatory flocking. I hope they last this nice for some time, as wear seems to be a major problem of any terrain made of dental plaster.. We'll see about that.

There is one other major major terrain project I'm working on right now, that I intend to publish fairly soon. Hopefully next week, depending on the availability of materials. Stay tuned :)