Apr 3, 2011

Wizard's Tower and some walls

This month has been rather busy, because I am currently finishing my diploma thesis and the deadline is getting really close. But I managed to finish two minor terrain projects anyway.

The first is a Wizard's tower made of Hirstart blocks, which I casted some time ago, but had to repaint and flock. The original colour was sort of a brownish, which did not fit well with the rest of my terrain pieces, so I repainted it standard faded grey.

The other thing I finished is a couple quick and easy walls, to be used as obstacles for WFB. Just a bit of ruined fieldstone blocks glued to pieces of oval shaped HDF. Plus the obligatory flocking. I hope they last this nice for some time, as wear seems to be a major problem of any terrain made of dental plaster.. We'll see about that.

There is one other major major terrain project I'm working on right now, that I intend to publish fairly soon. Hopefully next week, depending on the availability of materials. Stay tuned :)

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