Feb 17, 2011

Airtis, Barbarian gnome by Enigma

Continuing a series of quick updates with pictures of older stuff. here comes Airtis. I painted this guy back in fall of 2010. For the tree, I used a dried root and I must say I like this method very much. It looks surprisingly good with a little effort. If you ever want to try, little tree roots are the best, stay away from ferns, grass and "soft" plants in general. The snow was done using bicarbonate of soda, A method I tested previously, but never had a chance to try on such scale. I think it came out ok. Also, if you look at the way my miniatures are shaded, you can see (hopefully), that I try to use zenithal highlights and strong contrast more and more. I hope it shows, because that is the single most important area I am working on for the past year.

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