Feb 17, 2011

Kelian Durak by Rackham

This is my latest mini to date, finished this tuesday. I struggled to take pictures of it, as the original ones I took using a decent compact camera did not look good (as in not like the real thing). And it was this miniature and comments on a Czech WH40K board ThereIsOnlyWar (Link), that inspired me to take better pictures of my miniatures.

Couple days prior to painting this guy, I bought an airbrush, so this is my first miniature preshaded using an airbrush. Although originally, I was sceptical about getting one, it proved to be absolutely worth the money. It saved me loads of time on the cloak and it makes getting good transitions on bigger miniatures much, much easier. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is serious about painting miniatures for display.

The colour choices and composition of the piece are heavily influenced by a couple blogs I've been reading recently. Mainly MassiveVooDoo (Link) and Jeremie Bonamant Teboul's web (Link). Plus the colours are largely taken from a gorgeous version of the same miniature painted by Rusto (Link). Trying to replicate the legends, way of the lesser painter ;)

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