Feb 17, 2011

Empire Warrior Priest

Another older miniature I took better pictures of (same batch as the Worg). This one was painted back in spring 2010. I wanted to try and perfect my metallics, being inspired by a great tutorial by Automaton (Posted here). I originally started the mini at a workshop on metallics I was giving at a local gaming club, but messed him up horribly. When I came home, I realized I should be at least able to paint decent metals, when I try to teach people that, and set to work on this guy again :)
I did not use as many colours, staying mainly with simple black and green, but it still proved a valuable lesson. The base is done with mainly balsa wood and painted with pigments.

Only one picture for this guy, because the base obscures much of the back. Not the best composition, but I learned :)

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